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Japan rubber team visits Chinese Rubber Industry Association

Japan rubber reporting news organizations "China rubber industry delegation"recently visited China rubber industry association. Members of the delegationfrom Japan, rubber tube with sealing products, raw material and rubber productsindustry trade exchanges between the two sides, the Chinese and Japan recentrubber industry development. Beijing South Rubber Research Institute attended the meeting. Then the Japanese rubber and rubber products delegation visited Guangzhouand Japanese rubber production enterprises and Guangzhou Dongfeng Nissan Motor Company; visited Shanghai rubber products research institute. Japan rubber exchange has continued for over 20 years. With the rapid development of China rubber industry and the Japanese car industry in theChina continues to expand, the Japanese rubber enterprises continue to increase investment in China, from the raw materials for the rubber products such as tires, car to China, has been an important market for Japan's rubber industry. In 2010 Japan's domestic rubber consumption is estimated to be 1284600 tons,7.5% increase over 2009. The main growth products for tire, rubber products for industrial use; synthetic rubber in 2009 Japan synthetic rubber production was 1303000 tons, 21.1% less than in 2008, 2009 Chinese rubber products export toJapan for the amount of 72900000000 yen, ranks first. The main export products for the rubber overshoes, bicycle tires, rubber boots, rubber hose, adhesive tape, a movement with rubber products, seals, auto tyre (including inner tube).

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