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LANXESS business in China grew sharply

The German company LANXESS in the first quarter of this year sales pick up substantially, with sales of EUR 1610000000, grow 53% compared to the same period; the net income of 104000000 euros a year earlier, a loss of 14000000 euros; interest tax depreciation and amortization of routine business range of thehigh profit amounted to 233000000 euros, 2 times more than the same period last year. The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing area of LANXESS, sales year-on-year increase of more than 1 times, reached 376000000 euros, accounting for23% of total group sales, especially in the Greater China region sales hit a new high, amounting to 189500000 euros, an increase of 123.6% compared to the same period; Latin American sales of 195000000 euros, doubled in the same period last year, accounting for the total amount of sales the company's 12%; in addition to the German EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) remains itslargest sales region, which accounted for 30% of sales, sales reached484000000 euros, an increase of 35%; Germany's sales increased by 26%,amounted to 308000000 euros; the North American sales of 250000000 euros,an increase of 38%. LANXESS significant growth in Chinese market, driven largely by the Ding Ji rubber, butadiene rubber, high performance industrial rubber products business department, basic chemicals, semi crystalline products and leather businessgood performance. Among them, high-tech engineering plastics LANXESS Wuxifactory production has been a breakthrough 100000 tons mark, a record ofmilepost semi crystalline products business department. Lang Grand ChineseDistrict CEO Ke Maoting said, market demand led growth is obviously, especiallywith the automotive industry and the construction industry growth, theseenterprises on the rubber products, plastic products, chemicals and other raw materials demand increase. LANXESS 3 rubber business sector continued to perform well, mainly benefited from the booming China tire industry, especially the neodymium basedpolybutadiene rubber Buna CB Ding Ji rubber business department brominatedDing Ji rubber, butadiene rubber business unit with high performance andsolution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber Buna VSL products. In addition,thanks to a strong development of the automobile, building and the cable industry, NBR, HNBR products and industrial rubber products business unit ofethylene vinyl acetate rubber products excellent performance.


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