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In order to quality for the market, service and trust, seek development by innovation;
Adhering to the full range of services to customers, to meet customer demand as its mission to provide better customer service.

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Zannan, founded by Dr. Zheng-Yun James Zhan, is an industry-leading specialty Chemicals Company with state-of-the-art facilities based in Shanghai, China. Zannan has excellent R&D team and developed the Best-in-Class catalysts and technology in Metathesis (e.g., RCM, CM and ROMP) and Hydrogenation reactions, especially in selective hydrogenation of NBR to produce high-quality HNBR rubbers. Zannan’s core business is focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of Zhan catalysts, HNBR rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

We continues to innovate through our high-tech pipelines, which integrates our expert team of scientists and researchers with market intelligence and technology leadership to deliver solutions in specialty Chemicals and polymers.


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